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The Water Relaunch

The Water Relaunch

The water relaunch technique is not difficult. You just need to learn the basics and practice. When the kite is crashed it usually lies with the leading edge on the water surface, in an upside down position. If you swim a bit towards it, it will roll over on the back and on one side and probably. You need to steer it up. The kite might flip a bit, but it will eventually take off.

A better way to relaunch the kite is to apply moderate pressure to one side of the bar and force the kite towards the edge of the window. When it is positioned on the edge of the window you need to pull the end of the bar connected to the upper line of the kite to relaunch it. This procedure can be a bit difficult in light wind conditions, when you are using a larger kite, but it can be easily mastered if you practice it.

Lower aspect ratio kites are easier to roll over and launch than high aspect ratio ones. Low and medium aspect ratio kites are recommended for beginners, while high aspect ratio kites are great for advanced riders who look for fast speeds and extra hangtime, but they can be harder to relaunch.

Most of the times, when the kite goes down, it will touch the water and roll on its side, waiting for you to steer it up. When you relaunch the kite watch the lined to avoid getting tangled in them.

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