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Wind Conditions and the Wind Window

Wind Window

The wind window represents the kite’s flying area. The kite deploys a certain amount of power depending on where it is positioned in the window. Kites tend to fly towards the edge of the window and you need to get it back in the power zone, because at the edge of the window it has minimum power. Using different power zones you control the power of the kite.

When you are flying your kite make sure you have plenty of space around you and there are no people or obstacles downwind from you to avoid crashing into them or get injured. Also make sure that there are no obstacles upwind from you, as they might create turbulence. Turbulence can seriously disturb your flight and might even get you hurt.

For your first kitesurfing session pick only side shore winds because they are safer and quite stable. Avoid onshore winds as they might get you dragged on land. Off shore winds are also to be avoided as you won’t be able to go upwind and there is a chance you kite will pull you far from the shore.


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