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Axon Relic 2010

Axon Relic 2010

Kiteboard Model: Relic
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Axon
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width 130 x 40cm

  • 3D intellicore – CNC machined, 3D cut, Paulownia wood core; wood is a durable and lightweight material that has plenty of pop. Furthermore, by using a single sheet of laminate instead of multiple laminate sheets, Axon gets the stiffness and response they want from the board.
  • Magic fingertips – at the tips of the board you will notice 5 “fingers” 3D cut and molded into the core of the board. These 5 “fingers” are meant to provide more response and reflex when popping out of the water.
  • Suave concave – a 3mm concave meant to offer a controlled and comfortable ride.
  • Square outline – an efficient and controlled outline that offers power and drive as well as early planning. The square outline helps the board maintain its speed.
  • R30 rocker – designed to offer the most versatile riding, the rocker is not too flat nor is it too curved; it is just right. When the rocker is too flat, the nose of the board has a tendency to bury in the chop. When the rocker is too curved, you don’t get enough drive and power.
  • Shockproof UV top sheet – a top quality plastic top and bottom sheet that protects against scratches, harmful UV rays, and shocks that cold damage the board. Axon uses a new and unique printing process to digitally print graphics onto the top sheet.
  • ABS sidewalls – makes for a lightweight yet rigid board. ABS, which is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is well known for its durability.
  • Triaxial glass – fiberglass cloth woven at 3 angles is the standard for top performance boards; it gives strength and flex in every direction.
  • Glossy finish – a shiny, good looking finish.

The first thing you need to know is that in Axon’s 2010 lineup of boards, there are three freeride models – the Relic, the Rhythm, and the Pulse. The Relic, at 130 x 40cm, is the introductory size in Axon’s freeride range.

The Relic planes seamlessly, is easy to control, and has plenty of drive and power to offer – this is all thanks to its square outline. Speaking of the Relic’s outline, it must be mentioned that the Relic is wider than most other freeride boards. The Relic has an increased power to length ratio, which translates into seamless planning. This is a board that planes and generates power incredibly easy.

Besides planning early and easily producing power, the Relic is also quite easy to maneuver. In all types of conditions, the Relic remains very maneuverable.

Small to medium riders can get the Relic and use it as an excellent all-round board. Larger riders can get the Relic and use it as a top performance freeride board – but only if they plan to ride in higher wind speeds.