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Best Spacekraft 2010

Best Spacekraft 2010

Kiteboard Model: Spacekraft
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Best
Best For
Board sizes

Size: 5'11" x 18 ¾" x 2 ½"

  • Best suited for the intermediate and advanced rider
  • EPS Wave Core – a foam core waveboard design that offers the perfect blend of flow and drive. You get the feel of a handmade board coupled with the durability of a production board.
  • Progressive Rail – reduced drag, easy planning and enhanced stability is achieved by using a progressively tuned tip to tail rail profile. Better handling in choppy waters, less bounce, and easier strapless riding is achieved by reducing the rail curvature across the length of the board.
  • Thruster Tri-Fin – by using a tri-fin setup, you do not have to sacrifice stability and speed to get a hard carving surfboard-feel underfoot.
  • Rounded Pin-tail Outline – offers enhanced board stability and a smooth ride. This tail outline is perfectly suited for heavy waves, reef breaks and barrels.
  • Tactical Glass Reinforced – a large part of the upped deck is covered by a 200gsm Tactical glass patch, making the board very resistant to dings but without making it heavy. 
  • Surf Deck Inserts – rig the board however you want thanks to the discreet Surf-Insert setup. You can ride fully strapped or strapless if you want. No matter how you choose to ride, the board will offer the same feel.

Two of every type seems to be Best’s philosophy for its 2010 range of boards. The manufacturer has two twin-tip and two directional boards to offer for 2010. The twin-tip boards are the 2010 Armada and the 2010 Spark. The Armada is a freeride-dedicated board that riders of all levels will enjoy (intermediate riders in particular). The Spark is also a freeride-dedicated board, a board that is meant for the beginner rider.

The manufacturer has two directional boards to offer for 2010: the 2010 Shortstick and the 2010 Spacekraft. Both boards are tri-fin waveboards. The Shortstick board is meant to be used in day-to-day sloppy-choppy conditions, while the Spacekraft is meant to be used in heavier waves, reef breaks and barreling beach breaks.

The 2010 Spacekraft board features a subtle bottom concave, which means the board provides harder, tighter carving. The 2010 Spacekraft also features an EPS core, meaning the board is lightweight, responsive, and very durable. Last but not to least, the Spacekraft features Tactical Glass reinforcements, which means the board is very ding resistant.

As mentioned above, the Spacekraft board is meant to be used in heavier waves, reef breaks and barreling beach breaks. The board’s rounded pin-tail and mini gun-like shape are perfectly suited for such conditions.