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Cabrinha Thruster 2010

Cabrinha Thruster 2010

Kiteboard Model: Thruster
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Cabrinha
Board sizes

Length and width:
185 x 18.5cm or 6’1” x 18.5”
190 x 19.3xm or 6’3” x 19.3”

  • EPX construction – makes for a light yet very strong board
  • Custom board feel and flex
  • Future fin system – removable fin system that’s strong, user friendly, and offers better performance than glass-on fins
  • Inserts for strapped riding.

What Cabrinha did here is they took a classic surfboard, put it under the microscope and said “okay, let’s see how we can make this thing better.” What they came up with in the end is the 2010 Thruster, a board that takes the classic surfboard design to the next level. This is a board that you can use just as easily for paddle surfing or kitesurfing.

True to its surfboard origins, the 2010 Thruster handles exceptionally well in the waves. As a kitesurfing board it excels in light wind conditions and it doesn’t do too badly if you’re planning on having a nice freeride session.

If this board were to receive marks for its performance, these are the marks it would get
Waves – 10
Freeride – 8
Light wind – 8
Race – 7
Freestyle – 5