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Caution Trespass 5’5” 2010

Caution Trespass 5’5” 2010

Kiteboard Model: Trespass
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Caution
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Board sizes

Length and width: 5’5” x 17.25"

  • Narrow shaped tail – thanks to the tail the board provides better control while you are on the wave.
  • Speedwing side fins – these fins have been specifically designed to reduce drag and increase fin control
  • Single to double concave hull – thanks to the single concave, the board has drive through the mid section; thanks to the double concave, which is subtle by the way, the board’s tail is loose and snappy.
  • Tight rails, progressively soft to hard through the tail
  • Full deck pads – they offer the rider comfort and control. Comfort because the pads are soft, and control because the rear pad has extra traction.
  • Adjustable foot straps

Caution’s Trespass 5’5” is the type of board that loves the waves. The board is quite comfortable and quite durable. It is comfortable because it uses adjustable foot straps and full deck pads with increased softness. There are three choices for placing the foot straps; these should be more than enough to meet the requirements of any rider out there. The deck pads aren’t just soft – they offer the perfect density and the perfect balance between comfort and control. Caution’s Trespass 5’5” is durable because it is made from top quality materials that can take the punishment.

The board’s tail has been purposely shaped to be narrow, thus giving the rider greater control while he is on the wave. The tail lets the rider really sink the tail and thus better control it. As Caution explained it, this board provides “a really solid ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of bottom turn.” There is more to say about controlling the Trespass 5’5” board. It must be said that the board provides precise control thanks to its template, tight rails and rocker.

As Caution explained, this board is highly coveted by its team. If you want to take your riding to the next level, you can do it by using the Trespass 5’5” board.