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CrazyFly Cruiser LW 2010

CrazyFly Cruiser LW 2010

Kiteboard Model: Cruiser
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
Best For
Board sizes

Length, width, weight:
154 x 44cm, 3.5kg

  • A board meant to be used in light wind conditions
  • Nano Fiber Carbon Construction II – ten times stronger and five times lighter than steel
  • CNC Shaped Wood Tech Core II – offers the natural flex properties of the wood and is quite lightweight. By having a wood core this board provides great flex and pop, is light, flexible and firm.
  • 3T Tip to Tip Wood Core – incredibly light wood core with no joints and excellent flex and pop.
  • 3D ABS Rails – combined with the board’s concave bottom, makes for smooth and easy carving
  • G10 Fins – these fins have a very low profile to minimize drag, are made from very durable materials, and are incredibly difficult to break.
  • UV Stable Top Sheet Foils – preserves the board’s colors for a longer period of time
  • Progressive Flex Tips II – the center of the board is stiffer, while the tips offers more flex
  • Shock Absorbing System – this system ensures your knees will not hurt after riding in choppy waters for a few hours. This system dampens the shock and combined with the Progressive Flex Tips II, allows the board to provide a very smooth ride.
  • Quick Fix Straps System II – you will mount the straps very easily and very rapidly with this system. You will be done in a matter of seconds.
  • Dual density EVA pro pads – lightweight pads that are quite comfortable and always stay in position. Speaking of which, it must be mentioned that the stance angle is adjustable.
  • Leather straps – leather is a very durable material that maintains its shape and is very lightweight
  • Concave bottom – thanks to the concave bottom the board is stable in carves, is incredibly easy to use, and makes switching very easy. Combined with the 3D ABS rails it makes for smooth and easy carving
  • Tail Outline Shape – thanks to this shape the rider can load up an edge when performing jumps and get more airtime.
  • Stainless Steel Inserts – these inserts are bullet proof. They will not rust, they will not break, they will take the punishment.
  • Special 3D Effect Color – the board changes color from shades of green to shades of red. The color change depends on the angle the sunrays hit the board. Makes for a good looking, appealing board.
  • Top Class Finish – the board’s great looks will make you the envy of the beach.

For 2010 CrazyFly has two Cruiser models to offer. The kite and board manufacturer has the Cruiser Pro and the Cruiser LW to offer. The two boards have a lot in common. First up, both boards have been developed for a very specific task – cruising. If you want to be a bit aggressive, both boards can take it as they are both quite durable.

Speaking of durability, both boards are just as durable. Their core is made from wood, which is a very durable material. On top of the wood there are carbon fiber composites, which are some 5 times lighter than steel and some 10 times stronger than steel. The boards both feature leathers straps – in case you did not know, leather is a very strong material. The boards also feature practically indestructible G10 fins and stainless steel inserts.

Both board handle exceptionally well in light wind conditions. The LW in Cruiser LW is short for Light Wind after all. As true light wind boards, both are very lightweight, have medium flex, a flat rocker, and narrow tips.

The conclusion we can draw is that the 2010Cruiser Pro and the 2010 Cruiser LW are well balanced boards the intermediate and advanced rider will enjoy using in light wind conditions.