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Alacati, Turkey

Alacati, Turkey
Region: Asia
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For the past 150 years or so Alacati was internationally famous for its architecture, vineyards and windmills. This Aegean town is now famous for one other thing – it is a great destination for kiteboarding enthusiasts. What makes Alacati a great kiteboarding destination? Right of the top of my head I can think of these two: consistent winds (for about 300 days per yer) and shallow, crystal clear waters.

There are a few other bits and pieces that make Alacati a great traveling destination. The following bits and pieces:

  • The Turkish people are incredibly hospitable. You will be hard pressed to find people as hospitable as the Turkish.
  • Great news if you like to keep things simple. The Alacati Bay is within a protected area which means that you will not find any major tourist development.
  • On top of nearby hills you will notice wind turbines. These placement of these turbines say two things. 1 – Turkey is into alternative energy sources. 2 – this is a windy place, otherwise why would they put wind turbines there? It’s like a big advertisement that says “the wind conditions here are perfect.” The best months for wind are from June until August. From June until September the northerly “Meltemi” wind blows (side shore from the left). In April, May and October the southerly “Polyras” blows (side shore from the right).
  • There are plenty of hotels and restaurants to choose from.
  • This location has something for riders of all levels.

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