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AC Extreme Kiteboarding DVD

AC Extreme Kiteboarding


The main purpose of this DVD is not to teach you all kinds of pro tricks. When making this DVD, the people at Fat Sand set out with one goal in mind: to capture world-class riders doing what they do best, riding the way they like to ride. You will not believe how many kitesurfers do not turn pro although they could do that easily – and most of them are on this DVD. AC was filmed in South Africa, Europe, the Red Sea and the Caribbean and features names such as Join Mark Doyle, Aaron Hadlow, and Mark Shinn. Five months worth of tape was put together in 14 chapters. These chapters are as follows: - Water - Broneah - Aaron - Part 1 - Magawish - Shinn - Good Time - Moke - Chill Pill - UK in SA - Day Job - Thump - Sunset - Hadlow - Part 2 - Doyle AC also features a few extras: - In depth interviews with the following - Aaron Hadlow - Mark Doyle - Mark Shinn - Renier Olivier - Interactive subtitles that let you view the following: - Rider name - Location - Song details - The anatomy of a handle pass - Behind the scene's footage - Director’s Commentary - Dolby Digital 5.0 surround sound for the main movie and Dolby Digital sound on all the extra features - A dedicated menu for music - Uniquely designed and animated menus, widescreen presentations, and chapter pages for direct access to your favorite sections