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Kiteboarding Progression Advanced DVD

Kiteboarding Progression Advanced


Filmed in Egypt with British Pro’s Lewis Crathern, Neil Hilder and Jo Wilson, the DVD covers the following topics: Hooked In: Kiteloops Board-offs Riding Blind Unhooked: Kit setup and the basics Popping and Raileys S-bends Kiteloops and Downloops Handlepasses – Surface, Dangle and Powered The overall aim is to prevent yourself from the anguish and pain (literally physical pain such as bruising) of trying to pull of hooked in and unhooked tricks. You can perform so many tricks as long as you have the proper guidance – things like age or sex have no bearing, anyone can pull these tricks off beautifully. All the topics are narrated in the following languages: - English - French - German - Spanish - Italian - Japanese - Portuguese