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Real Kiteboarding Evolution DVD

Real Kiteboarding Evolution


This DVD will take you from a first session’s level to riding and staying upwind. Because Evolution picks up where Zero to Hero left off, it is the perfect novice level instructional DVD. The DVD covers the following topics: - First Sessions: Kite Flying, Circuit Training, Downwinders - Transitions: Stop, Slide, Heelside, Toeside, Transitions - Boardride: Building Boardskills, Boardstarts, Stance, Edging, Ollies. - Stance: Butt In and Out, Under, Medium and Overpowered conditions, Speed Control. - Riding Upwind: Kite and Board Control, Identifying Landmarks, Upwind Success Tips - Bonus Section: Evolution Lessons Learned, REAL Coaches' Tips, Packing for Travel, Kite Tech, Board Tech The REAL Slider Park