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Real Kiteboarding Joyride DVD

Real Kiteboarding Joyride


The Joyride DVD will teach you all you need to know about aggressive riding, turning and jumping.

The DVD covers the following topics:

- Joyride Riding Self launches and landings Boat launches and landings Stance Review Riding in Control Riding Faster Powerful Turns Downlooping Riding in a Crowd

- Joyride Jumping Progressive Edge Load and Pop Boosting Air Transitions Troubleshooting

- Joyride Tricks Boosting Grab Load and Pop Grab Back Roll Hooked In Front Roll Hooked In Spins How to Build on These Tricks Intro to Unhooked Tricks

- Joyride Continued Education Gear: Wakeskates, Surfboards, Strapless Gear: Different Kites, Bars, Line Length, Changing your Style Progression: Lessons, Camps Travel: New Spots, Travel Trips Bonus section includes:

- Dialing in Your Gear Kites, Quiver Building, Boards, Bars and Harness

- REAL Coaches Tips Learn from all our REAL Coaches in the BVIs. Pick their brains and harvest their knowledge !

- Slezy-J Grab Tutorial Jason Slezak, the recognized world leader of style, unleashes the GRAB lesson of all time !

- BVI Action Kiteboarding