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Atlantic Kite Jam 2013

Atlantic Kite Jam 2013

Period: Aug 3 - Aug 5, 2013
Location: New Brunswick, Canada

The 2013 Atlantic Kite Jam is brought to you by Darkside Kites & Cocagne Cape Marina in conjunction with Sail for Sight. This event is open to all kiteboarders that want to showcase their skills in a cool competition, win prizes and have fun.

A few dozens of kiteboarders have signed up so far for this competition, but their number will surely increase. They will compete in Freestyle, Big Air, Racing, Downwinder and freeriding challenges. There will also be a cool beach party to keep the participants entertained.

The Atlantic Kite Jam takes place between the 3rd and 5th of August at Cocagne Cape Marina/Caissie Cape, New Brunswick, Canada. To register and find out more details, please visit the Darkside Kites website.

Schedule of events:

Saturday August 3 - Big Air & Freestyle Comps, Beach Party @ night

Sunday August 4 - Course Race and Downwinder

Monday August 5 - Freeriding/Slider Session & backup day for weather.