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Continent-Island international GPS Crossing Race 2019

Continent-Island international GPS Crossing Race 2019

Period: Jul 24 - Jul 28, 2019
Location: Reggio Calabria, Italy

A sensational speed contest played on the verge of 40 knots, an extreme-resistance test of one's abilities and of the natural elements, a sailing challenge as much simple as technological, taking place in one of the most inspiring and tough sceneries of the Mediterranean Sea, and, last but not least, a great sea party engaging and appealing the competitors as well as the audience.

Kiters, windsurfers and sails: all struggling against time: The event, created and organized by Agostino Martino, president of NewKiteZone of Punta Pellaro, a kitesurf school and an international IKO centre, is an extraordinary contest that every year puts kiters, windsurfers and sails to compete in order to tame the wind and end the 12-mile route in the shortest me, arriving first at the finish line. This year as well, at its 9th edition, this fierce competition involves athletes and non-professional participants coming from all around the world: men, women, kids, all attracted by this speed and resistance contest, which requires not only physical performances, but also strategy and tactics.

The Messina Strait like the desert: the Crossing of the Strait like the Paris-Dakar of the sea Since ancient mes, the difficulties in crossing the Messina Straits have been faced by the sailors, difficulties that were also well described in the myths of Scilla and Cariddi by Homer in the Odissey. This portion of sea s ll frightens all kind of sailors (kiters included) and requires respect: strong winds, powerful streams, maritime traffic are just a few out of many elements which the participants to the Continent-Island GPS Green Crossing Race 2016, also known as The Crossing, have to cope with. On the other hand, these unpredictable elements are what makes this race so fascinating, engaging and epic, different year by year.

The race starts for all the participants at one  me from the spectacular promenade of Reggio Calabria and proceed in the Strait waters  ll reaching the Sicily coast (in one leg), where, near the town of Tremestieri, the participants will have to double the buoy before coming back to Reggio Calabria. Each participant can be followed by the regatta committee and by the audience on the promenade by a gps track system on smartphones displaying position, speed and placement of the participants. Kiters can participate with all kind of boards (twin tip, race, small boards, hydrofoil), windsurfers with race or slalom boards, skippers with any kind of sail. The goal will be the same for everybody: end up first at the finish line and try to beat the current record  me of the race (34 minutes and 16 seconds).

Everybody join the Ride! The Crossing is not exclusively an event dedicated to speed professionals. Beside the Race there's also the so-called Ride, a sort of walk along the same route on the Strait accessible to everyone. Those who want to take part to the Ride will be escorted by assistance means in order to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this porti on of sea.

Events, music and beach parties at the Surfvillage In addition to the adrenaline show on the water, there will be a full range of events on land. On the 5 days of the Crossing a Surfvillage will be set up on the magnificent promenade of Reggio Calabria and will host stands, exhibition spaces, big screens to follow the race, dining places, lounge areas, racing and freestyle camps, fitness and yoga, classes, video and photo shooting, beach par es, shows, live radio broadcasts, TV and streaming , concerts and Dj set's.

The green space And since the crossing, as a sailing regatta and event dedicated to the sea, it is also an absolutely event " green", a special area will be reserved for the SurfVillage to everything is electric, solar, bio - sustainable and will give visibility to new realities, ideas and services. A space/Expo technological excellence respectful and compatible with the environment.

The event takes place between the 24th and 28th of July, in Reggio Calabria, Italy. For more details, please visit the official website.