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Explora Sister Sessions 2012

Explora Sister Sessions 2012

Period: Sep 29 - Sep 29, 2012
Location: Essaouira, Morocco

The Explora Sister Sessions is an event organized by KB4Girls and dedicated to all women who love water sports and are into kiteboarding or want to get into the sport. KB4Girls is a foundation that organizes instructional and motivational kite events for girls and women around the world, with the purpose to empower females through kiteboarding. This event is supported by Explora Morocco. 

The Explora Sister Sessions is a “kite taster” run by Chelu, the KB4Girls South American Ambassador. It is a chapter event, meaning that it is organized by the local KB4Girls chapter. This is a great chance for all women who love kiteboarding to enjoy a great afternoon of water sports and have fun.

The Explora Sister Sessions takes place on the 29th of September, in Essaouira, Morocco. To find out more about this event, please visit the KB4Girls website.