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Kite Babes 2013

Kite Babes 2013

Period: Aug 5 - Aug 11, 2013
Location: Gizzeria Lido, Italy

Kite Babes is a girls only event organized hosted by Hang Loose Beach from Gizzeria Lido, Calabria, Italy between the 5th and 11th of August. Hang Loose Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and the perfect spot for water sports.

Kite Babes is a kite camp dedicated to the ladies who want to learn the secrets of kitesurfing or progress and learn new, bold moves. Top female riders will be there to share their experience with the girls that want to learn the sport or improve their kiteboarding skills. Jalou Langeree, Kari Schibevaag, Alice Brunacci and other top athletes will be there to train the girls.

There will be special programs dedicated for beginner and advanced riders. Apart from the training sessions, Kite Babes also hosts parties, concerts and other cool events.

To register for Kite Babes, please visit the Hang Loose Beach website. You might require translation.