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F-One Trax5 2010

F-One Trax5 2010

Kiteboard Model: Trax
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Board sizes

Length and width
132 x 38cm
134 x 39cm
136 x 40cm
138 x 41cm

  • Direct Drive – a minimum thickness board that has a wood core which is covered in fiberglass. Wood is very resistant and offers plenty of flex and pop; fiberglass is lightweight and incredibly durable. A high performance board needs to be lightweight, durable, quick, very precise, and capable of handling the chop. Direct Drive ensures the board is just that: a high performance board.
  • Simple Concave/Steps – the board combines a concave in the bottom part and a channel straightening the middle. This gives the board huge upwind ability, almost instant planning, and the ability to absorb the chops. The board is easy to control and quite comfortable.
  • Wood Core – by going with wood, F-One can manufacture boards that are 11mm thin in the center and 3mm thin at the tips. All this is made possible by the fact that wood is a very durable material, that offers plenty of flex and can absorb the shocks when riding in the chop.
  • ABS Inverted Rail – the inverted profile rail means you get a more progressive and more constant contact on the water.
  • Dynamic Flex – the board absorbs the shock of riding on uneven surfaces, resulting in a smoother ride. Your legs don’t suffer the strain; you can more easily control the board.
  • Twist Carbon Control – this technology improves the comfort and performance of the board. It does this by stabilizing the board and by providing easy and clean tracking.
  • V-Lateral – a new lateral V that gives a free feeling while keeping the board on track and under control when you want to go fast or throw high jumps.
  • Pads Pro Platinum 2010 - 3D molded platinum pads and straps
  • Straplock II – system for easy mount and setup.
  • Board handle
  • G10 fins

If you were looking for a top performance freestyle board that you can use in a wide range of conditions, then you will want to give the 2010 Trax5 a try. This board successfully combines top technology with top performance to meet the needs of the competitive freestyle rider.

On the technology side, it must be mentioned that the 2010 Trax5 has always been one of the most technology advanced boards F-One manufacturers. For 2010 F-One introduced Twist Carbon Control technology. By adding carbon fiber in the upper layer of the board, F-One managed to improve the comfort and performance the board provides. Twist Carbon Control technology stabilizes the board and makes for easier, cleaner tracking.

The 2010 Trax5 board features Direct Drive technology, a wooden core, and a concave in the bottom part and a channel straightening the middle. All these elements make for a smooth ride in the chop. Instead of passing the vibrations and the shock to your legs, the board absorbs the shock. You will be able to ride more comfortably and thus stay out on the water for a longer amount of time.

On the performance side, it must be mentioned that the 2010 Trax5 has unbelievable directional stability and astonishing precision when edging. It must also be mentioned that the 2010 Trax5 is an incredibly fast board with huge upwind ability and almost instant planning.

The bottom line is that if you need a competitive board for freestyle, the Trax5 board has the technology and performance to meet your needs.