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Fluid Vice

Fluid Vice 2010 Kite Review

Sizes: 15m  13m  11m  9m  7m
Kite Type: SLE
Best For: Waveriding  Freestyle
Brand: Fluid

Control Bar

Here is what you can expect to get from the Fluid Vice control bar:
- Use it as a traditional 4-line C style bar or as a 5-line VPF SLE bar
- Compacted EVA grip and small notches on the bar
- Molded 3D chicken loop
- Molded cleat integrated into the top of the chicken loop
- Stainless steel screws hold the chicken loop parts in place
- Ball bearing Sampo swivel
- The floaties cover the knots used to adjust the bar
- Kook system that ensures you do not connect the lines to the wrong point in the kite
- One screw removable donkey dick.

7m – 25 to 35 knots
9m – 20 to 30 knots
11m – 17 to 25 knots
13m – 15 to 20 knots
15m – 10 to 15 knots

Please note that the wind ranges are based on a 75kg (165lbs) rider. Actual wind ranges may vary according to your body weight and ability level, and according to water conditions, board size, and riding style. You should always use common sense and your personal experience when selecting a kite size. If you don’t know what kite size to use, talk to other riders and see what they’re using on the water.