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ABoards Flip 2012

ABoards Flip 2012

Kiteboard Model: Flip
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: ABoards
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

134x40.5 cm

138x41 cm

134x45 cm - Wide

145x41.5 cm


If you are looking for a versatile all round board which can handle various wind and wave conditions and can be used to ride in different styles, you need to take a look at the new 2012 ABoards Flip. The Flip is constructed using a special 2D top and bottom deck which makes it excellent for multiple riding styles and skills. The board can be used in waves or flat water or in strong and light wind conditions alike. It has plenty of pop and it is very agile, yet comfortable to ride and forgiving at the same time.

• Full Wood Core
• All Round Performance
• Soft Flex Pattern
• Increased Upwind Performance
• ABS Rails
• Anti Scratch Cover

The ABoards team has released the new 2012 kiteboarding board line. All boards are constructed using a new shaping technology which makes them perfectly suitable for all types of riders, depending on their riding skills and styles. Many riders look for a good all round board which can suit multiple styles and conditions. That board is the Flip. The Flip can be used in chop or flat waters and packs good pop and power. IT can be used for freestyle, wakestyle and even flat water blasting without worries.

The board has a smooth flex pattern which generates optimal pop for jumps and aerial tricks and also assures better foot steering feedback. ABoards has used a tunnel concave bottom shape which allows the rider to experience better upwind performance and keeps the board steady and easy to handle in all types of waves. The smoother flex makes the Flip very easy and comfortable to ride. The board is able to suppress wave shock impacts in order to reduce the pressure on the legs and knees. This way the rider can feel relaxed and perform any trick he wants with ease. This feature also assures smooth and comfortable landings.

The Flip has a compact and hydrodynamic shape which significantly improves its early planning potential. This shape also makes it fast and easy to control at all times. ABoards Flip is available in a Wide version. The Wide Flip is perfect for marginal wind conditions. It planes quickly and has impressive upwind performance. It is also very stable and behaves in a very predictable way.

The Flip is crafted using a full wood core and ABS rails. The Wood Core provides the amazing flex pattern which makes the board suitable for any style and assures a lighter weight, while the ABS rails assure bomb proof durability. The whole structure is covered in an anti scratch sheet. The Flip is the kind of board which can take care of all your kiteboarding needs.