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Aboards Z-Series 2014

Aboards Z-Series 2014

Kiteboard Model: Z-Series
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: ABoards
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

130x40.5 cm

133x41 cm

136x41.5 cm

140x42.5 cm


The new 2014 Z-Series is designed by ABoards with specific focus on usability and efficiency. It is a reliable freeride and freestyle board that can accommodate virtually any skill rider. And it is a board that excels in flat waters, but also easy to use in difficult conditions like chop. The board features a bright colored graphic design, so it is very easy to spot in the water.

With the Z-Series you can experience a great freeride and freestyle session each time you hit the water. The board is extremely well balanced and features an optimal mix of power, pop, control and stability. It can perform cool big airs, as well as spectacular freestyle jumps with ease. It is a forgiving board, but packs enough power to satisfy the needs of more demanding riders. The medium flex pattern creates a balanced pop, perfect for casual or experienced riders.

The outline geometry is optimized to assure superior upwind and early planing performance. The Special 2-step upwinder tips and outline shape result in excellent upwind performance plus excellent control at higher speeds. The continuous rocker, combined with the tunnel concave bottom shape, makes the board agile and smooth to glide in all conditions. It also enhances the board’s planing abilities in lighter wind conditions.

The 3D bottom features special hydrodynamic stabilizers that keep the board extremely steady at all times. Anti-spray cuts prevent spray to the face. The Aboards Z-Series is built using a light wood core, complemented by integrated anti-stress stringers and ABS bumper rails. A durable anti-scratch top and bottom cover protects it from damage.

Aboards Z-Series 2014 Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Aboards Z-Series 2014 Reviewed on Oct 3rd 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

It is solid, don't worry. If we believe ABoards, it is built using some sort of snowboard tech. It is a board that rides well. It's well balanced. It got about 2 cm or more rocker and around 1 cm concave. Tips are flexible and middle section...more

Aboards Z-Series 2014 Reviewed on Aug 12th 2013
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

The 130 Z feels a bit small but it's a speeder. It runs fast and carves very cool. There's also a good, solid pop. The control is also very smooth. You can throw it around with ease. One more thing, the board is extremely light so I don'...more