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Advance Alpha 2011

Advance Alpha 2011

Kiteboard Model: Alpha
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Advance
Best For
Board sizes

143x44 cm


A new series of Advance boards is ready to redefine the way kiteboarders ride in 2011. The new boards are crafted using a new shaping and construction technology intended to provide superior performance to all riders out there. Kiteboarding depends on wind, and when the wind is less than perfect you need special gear to handle it. The new Alpha board is especially crafted by Advance team to handle marginal wind conditions with ease. The board is extremely light and has a wider shape which gets it going fast when the wind barely blows. Although the board is quite large it is very easy to handle and can be maneuvered without hassle at all times. 

The new Advance board line has arrived. All boards are crafted according to the highest quality standards and fine tuned to offer the best performance in their class. There are times when light wind conditions keep riders off the water for a long time. This is not the case if you have the new Advance Alpha board by your side. This board is especially crafted to offer you an amazing drive in marginal wind conditions. It will get you going when all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up. The board has a wider and longer shape which allows it to take advantage of the lightest wind blow in order to offer a smooth and fast glide.

It has a special rocker line which gets you going upwind without problems and assures top control. The slightly squared outline, featuring an innovative tip shape assures a good speed and top maneuverability. Although the board is quite large, it feels a lot smaller underneath your feet and you can steer it with minimum effort. The board also has a smooth flex pattern which assures a comfortable ride and keeps the rider relaxed as he dives around. Advance has built the Alpha using a full laminated Wood core plus ABS Sidewalls. The Wood Core makes the board light and responsive, while the ABS Sidewalls add top durability.

The board is equipped with Comfort Grip Pads and Asymmetrical Straps which are easy to adjust and guarantee top comfort throughout the entire session. The Advance Alpha is available in 143x44 centimeters size only and comes complete with Comfort Grip Pads, Asymmetrical Straps and Asymmetrical G10 Fins. The Alpha is one of the best lightwind companions ever.