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Advance Grab Me 2011

Advance Grab Me 2011

Kiteboard Model: Grab Me
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Advance
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Board sizes

131 x 39 cm
130 x 41 cm
131 x 42 cm


Advance is a much appreciated brand in kiteboarding industry. It designs and crafts top quality kiteboarding equipment which is intended to improve the riding experience of all kiteboarders out there. The new 2011 kiteboards are crafted using a new technology and shaping process which assures top performance out on the waves. The new 2011 Grab Me is the kind of board which appeals to all entry level riders. It has a smooth flex pattern, it feels very stable and has enough power to keep up with the riders as he progresses. The Grab Me board can be used in various wind and wave conditions with ease.

Kiteboarding is evolving fast and more and more fans start practicing this wonderful sport each season. Entry level riders who don’t have yet a solid set of skills demand special gear which can help them enjoy a great time on the water and also progress. Advance team has crafted the Grab Me board especially for these riders. The Grab Me is forgiving, stable and comfortable to ride and it adjusts itself to the various wind and wave conditions the rider might encounter. The Grab Me board is engineered using a 60% wood core wrapped by a stout CAP structure.

This construction makes the board light, responsive and extremely durable. The board features a fuller and slightly rounded outline with straight tips. This shape makes it stable and assures excellent control at all times. The board also packs good pop and has a nice top speed. It can be used for easy freestyle tricks or for enjoying a great freeride session. A round rocker assures excellent maneuverability, as well as good upwind and early planning performance. This rocker line also assures good control in waves.

As soon as the beginner rider progresses and becomes more experienced, he can push this board harder to perform spectacular tricks or reach higher speeds. The Grab Me is always steady and easy to handle. A great thing about this board is that it can suppress the wave impacts in order to keep the rider comfortable as he cruises around. The Advance Grab Me is a good choice for cruising or for performing basic tricks. It is not what pro and expert riders need, but it is the perfect board for beginner and progressive riders.

The board is available in 140x40 centimeters only and it is a one size fits all kind of board. It suits all riders, regardless of their weight. The Grab Me comes complete with Comfort Grip Padset, Aluminum Fins and Asymmetrical Straps.

Advance Grab Me 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Advance Grab Me 2011 Reviewed on Apr 5th 2012
franz förtsch
Rating: 4.0 out of 5