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Airush Choptop 2009

Airush Choptop 2009

Kiteboard Model: Choptop
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
Best For
Waveriding  Freeride
Board sizes

160 x 48.5 cm


The 2009 kiteboard line introduced by Airush is constructed by using the latest technology and the best composites. Every single board model is carefully crafted and it is guaranteed to meet the highest performance and quality standards. The 2009 Choptop went through an extensive process of research and development and it is intended to take wave riding and freeride to an entire new level. The board blends power and speed with usability and control and it offers top efficiency and versatility.

• Flytech Technology
• Matt Gelcoat Protection
• Unidirectional and biax glass layups
• Tucked rail shape
• Improved light wind performance

Airush is one of the most innovative kiteboarding geat manufacturers. Each season they come up with new technologies and new tweaks which make kiteboarding more spectacular and fun. The 2009 kiteboard line has been developed with extra focus on power, speed and control. The new twin tip and directional board models are designed to cover a wide range of skills and styles.

For instance, if you love wave riding and freeride, you must take a look at the new Choptopm. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or pro rider, because this board blends user friendly features with extra pop and power. The advanced rider will love the big jumps and fast turns it offers, while the less experienced one can enjoy a smooth and relaxing cruise on it. The board is based on an innovative construction technology called Flytech. Flytech Technology was especially created for the higher volume boards and it uses a light core complemented by biax and unidirectional glass layups. The entire structure is protected against damage by a Matt Gelcoat top and bottom cover. Flytech construction makes the board extremely durable and light, and balances very well the flex and stiffness ratio.

The Choptop uses a flat rocker and a wider tail to ensure a smooth glide, excellent control and improved light wind performance. It can be powered in the lightest breeze and it is steady and predictable if the wind picks up. The amazing thing about the Airush Choptop is that it is aggressive and snappy when it is used by a hardcore rider who loves extreme jumps and high speeds, but it can also be fun and easy to ride. The tucked surf rails make the board easy to handle and very forgiving in most wind and wave conditions.

The single concave to V bottom shape allows the rider to take maximum advantage of the water flow and makes the board stable and responsive. The hooker pads are easy to adjust, comfortable and offer the option of full deck grip. The Airush Choptop uses a quad fin configuration which optimizes the power delivery, maximizes grip and improves small waves and onshore performance.