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Airush Choptop 2011

Airush Choptop 2011

Kiteboard Model: Choptop
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
Best For
Waveriding  Freestyle
Board sizes

5'8 LW


If you love wave riding and freestyle and at the same time you feel that surfing is your style, you might consider a kiteboard which blends power and maneuverability with real surf potential. Such a board is the Airush Choptop, a board which is intended for top wave and surf performance. The board runs excellent on chop, waves and flat water, is very dynamic, but easy to control at the same time. It can be easy powered up in light wind and remains stable and reliable if the wind picks up. The board is available in two sizes and one light wind version. 5'3" is perfect for a lighter rider who loves big winds, while the 5'8" is just what a heavier rider is looking for when the wind barely blows. The 5'8" is also available in LW or Lightwind version and features a wider shape, plus extra volume to offer a smooth ride in light breezes.

The 2011 Airush Choptop went through an extensive process of research and development before hitting the market. That is because the Airush team wanted to make sure that this board has awesome freestyle and wave riding potential and appeals to riders who have a windsurfing background, but love kiteboarding at the same time. The board actually resembles a classic surfboard, featuring a round, narrower tip and a narrower, slightly squared tail, but it is a pure blood kiteboard.

This shape makes it very hydrodynamic and allows the rider to tackle any wave easy and without effort. The wider tail provides optimal water release and an increased power boost for the rider looking for extreme tricks. He can perform fast turns and rotations, jump pretty high and experience nice lifts, while the board is very responsive and behaves predictable. Airush has used a directional rocker with a flat entry to make sure that the Choptop has plenty of pop and performs great in light wind conditions. At the same time the tip profile increases the board’s early planning and upwind abilities. Early planning abilities are increased by the single concave and spiral bottom shape, which also improves significantly the stability and grip of the board. New outline geometry, called “over the board” assures that the board reaches an intense top speed very quickly while it remains very stable.

Actually, the rider can run as fast as he wants or perform any maneuver, without worrying about losing control even for a second. The board offers a direct control and is reliable in any situation. For the rider who loves to run fast in very light wind conditions, Airush has introduced a new type of board, based on the widebody concept. The Choptop LW can be powered up and runs nicely when there is almost no wind at all. The board is available in two models, based on the construction technologies.

You can choose ACTive Carbon technology, which is based on high quality carbon fibers and significantly increases the durability of the board without affecting the flex, or the Flytech II technology, using a reduced core density, directional glass and foam sandwich structure. The Flytech II structure makes the board extremely light and responsive.  The Airush Choptop is also available in Ch or Chocolate version, based on an eco friendly construction technology based on an EPS Core and a SAN Sandwich structure for less environment impact.

Airush Choptop 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Airush Choptop 2011 Reviewed on Mar 12th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This directional board is everything you need for freestyle and wave in onshore, wind driven conditions. It feels a bit big, but it has plenty of surface to play with it around. It is also good for powered strapless drives. What I like most about t...more

Airush Choptop 2011 Reviewed on Mar 13th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

nice surfboard. it is fun to play around with it. it is very light and a pleasure to handle it. it goes upwind fast due to the reduced rocker and runs smooth. i like that it has a flatter deck and feels stable and solid when riding strapless. the w...more