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Airush FS 2011

Airush FS 2011

Kiteboard Model: FS
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Airush
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Board sizes

130x39 cm

135x40 cm

140x42 cm


The 2011 FS board by Airush is really impressive. It is exclusively dedicated for freestyle, and indeed it has all it takes to take this discipline to a whole new dimension. The manufacturer has found the secret to blend extra power and speed with top control and maneuverability into one single riding machine. The board is available in three sizes and features an ergonomic shape with slightly wider tips. This profile allows the rider to feel extremely comfortable and tackle any wave he wants with little or no effort at all. At the same time, Airush has used top quality fabrics and the most innovative technology to make sure that the board meets the most exigent requirements. Once the board is set on the water and you set foot on it, you will instantly feel free and powerful. The Airush FS is guaranteed to offer a unique freestyle session.

As the freestyle discipline gathers more and more fans, and a larger number of riders have started to practice it, the requirements of these riders have become more demanding. They all wish to push their limits to the max, they need extra power and flawless control. To meet these demands, the Airush team has released the FS kiteboard, a pure blood freestyle machine. Speed, power, maneuverability, control, early planning, you just think at one feature, and you will see that this board has it.

In the development of the FS, the Airush shapers have worked together with pro riders and champs Tom Hebert and Alex Pastor, who would not settle for anything less than pure perfection out on the waves. Just like the other boards in the 2011 lineup, the FS is built using the latest technology in this industry. Multizone Biotech technology, which is based on a Wood core, complemented by Balsa and Poplar fabrics, while the rails and tips are made from top quality ABS materials. Additional Carbon Multiaxial laminate layers add extra durability and assure a light construction. This technology assures excellent tensile strength, increased flex response, lightweight and extra durability.

Extra comfort is assured by the AFT footpad technology, which assures Seamless Integration system, easy adjustable straps, Dyneema Lacing, Traction Control and Ergonomic Foot Pad system. The Airush FS uses parallel tips and a three stage outline which provide plenty of pop and increase acceleration and early planning potential. The rider has the entire power boost he needs for high jumps and lifts, fast turns and extra speed, while the board is stable and has an improved grip.

The board also features a direct and accurate control and performs great in all wave and wind conditions. The new rocker and rails assure plenty of pop, increased steering response and balance the longitudinal stability. If you are looking for a fast, powerful and responsive freestyle board, look no more, because the new Airush FS has arrived.

Airush FS 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Airush FS 2011 Reviewed on Feb 23rd 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

first glance: stiff flex, parallel outlines, reduced concave, thin rails. once you start riding it you will discover that the FS has incredible pop and it is really fast. it runs great in flat water, it turns fast and jumps like crazy. it is a boar...more