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Airush FS Park 2011

Airush FS Park 2011

Kiteboard Model: FS Park
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
Best For
Waveriding  Freestyle
Board sizes

Height: 140cm


The 2011 Airush kiteboard line is not only extensive, but also very impressive. Their team has worked hard and put a lot of passion in the development of the new models, to make sure they will meet the highest quality standards, and any rider, regardless of skill and style will find the perfect board to match his needs. The FS Series of boards include the FS, FS Team and FS Park.

The first two models are pure freestyle machines, while the third has excellent park potential. The FS Park has enhanced early planning and upwind abilities, and offers the rider the perfect power boost for his trick as well as optimal control and steering. At the same time it is an excellent wakeboard and once you take the Park for a ride you will definitely love the way it performs.

The FS Park has been created to suit riders looking for nice jibs and carves, who need plenty of pop for their tricks and who love the feeling of a wakeboard. The FS Series features another two boards, which are specially designed for freestyle.

The FS Park borrows features from both models, but it is enhanced with new ones which increase wakestyle and park potential. It uses an ergonomic shape and refined parallel outlines which make it glide at impressive speeds through the waves. At the same time the board offers a very smooth and drag free ride. When it is fully powered up, the board can get quite aggressive, but it remains reliable and offers excellent handling. The rider can perform any trick and can run on flat water or high waves without effort, while the board is very responsive and offers a direct and precise control. A new bottom design and a moderate rocker assure optimal power release for any trick the rider wishes to perform or for a high speed. At the same time, these features make the board very stable in any wind and wave conditions and assure excellent maneuverability. The parallel outlines allow the rider to experience a nice glide and improve the grip during fast turns and rotations. If you love rail tricks, than you will love the FS Park. It features ABS molded channels which improve control and power and it can be used with special fins which increase grip and handling. 

The Airush FS Park is constructed using the Multizone Biotech technology developed by Airush. This technology is based on a Wood core, complemented by Balsa and Poplar fabrics, while the rails and tips are made from top quality ABS materials. This innovative structure balances perfectly the strength to weight ratio and makes the board stiffer. The comfort during the whole session is provided by the AFT footpad technology, which features easy adjustable straps, Dyneema Lacing, Seamless Integration system, Traction Control and Ergonomic Foot Pad system.