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Airush FS Pro 2009

Airush FS Pro 2009

Kiteboard Model: FS Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Airush
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Board sizes

132 x 39 cm

138 x 40 cm


Freestyle is perhaps one of the most demanding disciplines. Whether you are an extreme rider looking to perform the most spectacular tricks or you wish to progress and reach a higher performance level, you need the proper equipment to help you do that. The 2009 Airush FS Pro is especially designed with freestyle performance in mind. The Airush team has used the latest technology and the best fabrics to make sure this board meets the highest quality standards and it is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding riders out there.

For 2009 Airush has come up with a new kiteboard line based on usability, efficiency and performance. The board range is not very extensive, but each model is carefully engineered to meet the specific needs of all riders out there, depending on their skill and style. The new FS Pro is intended for the advanced and intermediate riders looking for a reliable and versatile freestyle board.

The FS pro is a great choice for pro and advanced riders who love extreme moves, but it is also perfect for the less experienced riders who need a board to help them progress or enjoy a fun freestyle session. The board features a compact shape with slightly rounded and wider tips. This profile makes it very snappy, but also very stable in a wide range of conditions. The board has an awesome pop and can get you airborne and hanging for quite a while, but at the same time it has smooth landings and it is easy to handle.

The board has a stiff flex curve and it is optimized for power moves. It feels very solid and releases a good boost just when you need it. The taper Flex Tips allow the rider to perform the most daring maneuvers without effort and improve the steering response. Squared ABS rails allow the rider to go upwind without much edging and improve the overall control. The board features a single concave bottom design which allows it to take maximum advantage of the water flow for optimal power release and increases the stability in choppy conditions. Airus has used a three stage rocker to make sure that the board has excellent early planning potential and reaches an intense speed.

The FS Pro is equipped with Metro II Fins which optimize the power delivery and increase the grip in tight turns or at high speeds. The Autofit binding system provides top comfort and assures the optimal bond between the rider’s feet and board. The board is constructed using the Airush Biotech technology, based on a CNC 3D vertical wood core sandwich and triaxial layups. This structure provides the optimal blend between stiffness and flex and makes the board light and incredible tough. With the Airush FS Pro, freestyle is taken to an entire new dimension.