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Airush Livewire Team 2014

Airush Livewire Team 2014

Kiteboard Model: Livewire Team
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Airush
Best For
Board sizes

135x40 cm

138x41 cm 

140x42 cm


You can regard the Livewire Team as the Livewire refined at the highest level, as a board that offers no compromise freeestyle performance for the demanding rider. This is an ideal board for world class competitions. It is extremely light and packs an awesome pop. At the same time it provides the rider with accurate control in any conditions.

The Livewire Team is the lightest board in the new Airush twin tip range and it is a board designed to take freestyle to an entire new dimension. It has a compact and sharp profile that makes it extremely dynamic and assures superior early planning and upwind performance.

A special bottom shape makes it stable and assures a fast and smooth glide. It also makes it smooth to ride in control in more demanding conditions, like chop. It uses a new rail and tip channel configuration which significantly enhances directional drive. Livewire Team features a progressive dual rocker. Smaller sized models feature a slightly flatter rocker to boost acceleration, while larger sized models use an increased rocker to provide a more solid boot riding experience.

The flatter rocker on the outer rail improves edging and upwind performance, while the higher center rocker section maximizes the load for a better wake performance. The board is built using a unique lamination, construction and core technology that makes it extremely responsive and tough. The inner structure is based on a Multizone Biotech construction featuring a vertical wood core sandwich comprising of a dual density Balsa and Poplar core with ABS rail and tips.

The higher density poplar stringer creates a super responsive center section while the outer balsa section minimizes the weight. A biaxial carbon outer layer assures quick response, while the torsional orientation maximizes pop. Overall durability is maximized by the use of an ultra lightweight Nylon coating on the top and bottom.