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Airush Monaro Slalom 2015

Airush Monaro Slalom 2015

Kiteboard Model: Monaro Slalom
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
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Board sizes

190 x 58 cm, 33L

190 x 65 cm, 47L


The Airush Monaro Slalom is the first pure slalom kiteboard on the market, as the guys at Airush say. And it was high time for a slalom specific board to rip the slalom courses. Key features that make the Monaro Slalom such an efficient board are incredible straight-line speed, aggressive gybing and superior light wind performance.

With the slalom discipline gaining more and more fans each season, it was time for a slalom specific board to make its appearance on the market. And this board is the Monaro Slalom from Airush. The board undergone an extensive process of R&D and it is now ready to provide elite slalom racers with elite performance.

The board features a slalom specific profile, with a straighter outline and a rounder ‘pin’ nose. This shape assures impressive speed, as well as superior control when performing gybes. It also ensures extremely quick early planing. The stepped tail provides superior control at high speeds and improves turning control too.

The bottom is optimized for a smooth and clean glide even in chop. A tri fin setup ensures perfect grip and better upwind tracking even in light winds. The Monaro Slalom is very stable and easy to keep under control, but it is able to reach insane speeds. It is perfect for determined riders who compete in world class slalom events.