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Airush Switch 2011

Airush Switch 2011

Kiteboard Model: Switch
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Airush
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Board sizes

130x38 cm

135x40 cm

138x42 cm

142x44 cm

146x46 cm - Exile


The 2011 Airush Switch is a board which went through an intense process of research and development as well as extensive testing. That is because freeride tends to become a more and more appreciated style all over the world, and as it gathers more and more fans, the needs of these riders become more demanding. Now any rider can rest assured, because the Switch has arrived and has all it takes to offer a unique freeride session. The board is very dynamic, it runs very fast and offers great lifts and jumps. It is a perfect weapon for the experienced and advanced riders who love hardcore maneuvers or for the intermediate ones who demand additional power for progression tricks.

• AFT pad and straps technology
• Multizone Biotech construction technology
• Carbon Multiaxial fabrics
• Extra flex response
• Improved rocker and rails
• Extra durability
• Optimized outline

Airush is one of the most acclaimed kiteboarding manufacturers today. The equipment they produce meets the highest standards and offers only top performance. The motto line for the 2011 Switch board is “Dynamic Freeride”. And that is absolutely true. Once it is set on the water, the Switch feels very lively and agile and offers an incredible freeride session.

The twin tip design is enhanced by an optimized outline which increases the board’s hydrodynamic abilities and minimizes the drag. The board is engineered on an innovative technology, using the latest industry concepts and only high quality composites. It features a Multizone Biotech structure based on a Wood core complemented by Balsa and Poplar fabrics, while the rails and tips are made from top quality ABS materials. The Carbon Multiaxial laminate layers add extra durability and assure a light construction. The weight to strength ratio is therefore extremely well balanced. This way, the board has a very responsive flex and the rider can tackle any wave with reduced impact force. The board absorbs the shocks really well to provide a very comfortable ride.

The Airush Switch has a slightly wider center area which increases the early planning ability and provides easy power up in light winds. The acceleration and upwind potential is also improved by the longer outline. The 3D deck shape assures optimal comfort and a well balanced weight distribution. The Switch is enhanced with a three stage rocker and an Eye concave design, as the manufacturer states, for extra speed, optimal power delivery and extra stability and grip. It is a very agile, yet responsive and easy to maneuver board. The rider can perform any maneuver and enjoy high speeds, nice jumps and plenty of hangtime without any effort at all. Additional control is provided by the wider center point, complemented by the narrow tips. Used with wake fins setup, the board is quite forgiving and offers nice turns and rotations and a smooth ride.

The 142 Switch is also called Exile, and it is enhanced for extra light wind performance. It can be also used by heavier riders. Powerful, fast, accurate and easy to handle, the Airush Switch is the new generation type of freeride board.

Airush Switch 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.
Airush Switch 2011 Reviewed on Feb 28th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Very responsive and speedy. You can run at high speeds and perform tricks anytime with the Switch. Doesn’t take a lot of effort to steer and powers up easily. Get a fast kite for the ultimate freeride experience on this board. Needs a lithe...more

Airush Switch 2011 Reviewed on Mar 12th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Good board for everyone. Switch is easy to ride, swallows chop and goes quickly upwind. Rocker line is increased, but the board has good lightwind performance. Teh board excels in moderate winds. doesn' have too much pop, so forget about wakestyle,...more

Airush Switch 2011 Reviewed on Feb 24th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The Switch is a good board for anyone who wants to experience speed, jumping and lifting. It is perfect for freeride in any conditions. It has an increased responsiveness, especially at high speeds, where that really counts. I’m also impress...more