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Arriba Arriba Fun Race 2013

Arriba Arriba Fun Race 2013

Kiteboard Model: Fun Race
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Arriba Arriba
Best For
Lightwind  Racing
Board sizes

155 x 58 cm

155 x 50 cm


The Fun Race is a directional kiteboard designed by Arriba Arriba to make kiteboarding racing accessible to anyone. It is perhaps one of the most user friendly racing boards you will find today on the market. It is crafted using a lightweight and durable construction, it offers you a fun and fast drive and it is extremely easy to handle. It can be used by advanced, intermediate and even beginner riders.

With the Arriba Arriba Fun Race you can enjoy an exciting racing session whenever you wish. The board is designed to deliver nice speed and control and can accommodate most riders out there. It combines the adrenaline of racing board with the comfort and easy handling of a freeride one. The Fun Race features a race oriented shape, with a wider profile and a straighter cut nose.

This outline provides superior early planing and upwind performance. Another benefit of this shape is that is allows you ride fast in light winds. A fast rocker is used to boost speed and acceleration and enhance upwind performance. The concave hull assures a clean and fast glide and assures top stability.

Unlike traditional race boards, the Fun Race is extremely maneuverable. You can initiate quick turns and perform easy gibes in flat water, but also in small surf. The board is equipped with two large wave fins and a smaller center fin. This tri fin configuration provides superior tracking, speed and grip.