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Axis Pro Wave 2013

Axis Pro Wave 2013

Kiteboard Model: Pro Wave
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: AXIS
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The 2013 Pro Wave is a board that offers performance at the highest level. It is the board of choice of aggressive pro riders that need control and power when charging big waves. As the Axis team says, the Pro Wave is the highest performer of their surfboard line.

The board features a narrower shape, with a wider nose, which allows the rider climb onto the face of the wave with ease and drive upwind at maximum speed. This shape also makes it quick to plane and very stable. The narrower, squared tail provides tight and powerful turns, while keeping the rider in complete control.

An excessive rocker placed in the tail area provides an aggressive release and increases the turning performance. The Pro Wave has an incredible speed when drifting downline and can charge upwind with ease. The full rails assure perfect control and easy rail to rail transitions. It can charge virtually any wave in strapped or strapless mode.

The Axis Pro Wave is constructed using an EPS core plus Paulownia wood sandwich and biaxial fiberglass laminate layers. This structure makes the board strong and assures a perfect stifnes to flex ratio. The board is equipped with a thruster fin setup and comes complete with adjustable surf straps, rear EVA deck pad and fins.