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Axis Vanguard 2013

Axis Vanguard 2013

Kiteboard Model: Vanguard
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: AXIS
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Board sizes

129x39 cm

132x41 cm

135x42 cm

138x43 cm

142x44 cm

148x46 cm


The new Axis Vanguard is engineered to take freeride to a new dimension. It is a board which blends power with forgiveness in order to meet the needs of all freeride enthusiasts. It is perfect for crusing around and having fun, as well as for boosting big airs and performing cool tricks. Each size of the Vanguard is individually optimized for specific performance.

The smaller models are perfect for lighter riders that want a more dynamic drive, while the larger models are extremely efficient in lighter winds. The Vanguard features a freeride friendly outline and slightly squared tips. This profile makes very efficient when tracking upwind and also assures superior planing performance.

It also features a Logical Flex, resulted from the use of unidirectional carbon reinforcements that run through the top and bottom, across the rail. This carbon structure assures a medium flex, perfect for boosting big airs and landing smoothly. The bottom features a center spine with a quad concave. The concaves are concentrated towards the rails so that they form channels to provide solid tracking and smooth landings. This bottom design also provides a smooth glide and increased stability.

Apart from exceptional freeride performance, the Vanguard is also a very good freestyle board. It is crafted using a Paulownia wood core and it is supplied with 4 x 50mm brightly coloured solid G10 fins, fin retainers, screw driver and AXIS U.T.S. pads and straps.

Axis Vanguard 2013 Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Axis Vanguard 2013 Reviewed on May 7th 2013
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

The board runs fine and it is user friendly. it is smooth in turns, pops nice and lands soft. However, the Axis straps/bindings are a pain to adjust onwater. I just couldn't get a proper foot lock. Pro: easy to ride, comfortable, good control i...more

Axis Vanguard 2013 Reviewed on May 2nd 2013
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

These new Axis boards are pretty cool, and pretty affordable too as far as I see ;). I got the Vanguard for my birthday last month and it is a good all round board with a more than decent performance. the first thing I like about it is that it is co...more