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Axon Jet 2013

Axon Jet 2013

Kiteboard Model: Jet
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Axon
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The Jet is the board you need to dominate small or medium sized waves and express your style. It is also a board that excels in choppy waves and high winds. The fish style shape of the board allows it to move easily through the waves, generating power and responding quickly to rider input.

The Jet is fuller in the shoulders and a little thicker than an average performance shortboard. This feature allows it to slide smoothly downwind and push at full force when pointed upwind. A full half-moon tail makes it loose and allows the rider to carve and initiate quick turns with ease.

The single concave bottom design assures a smooth water flow, improving stability and makes the board excel in clean waves.  It requires more kite or wave power to drive from rail to rail, but it is the concave choice of most dedicated riders. The flat rocker allows it to accelerate fast and improves overall control in choppy waters. It also allows the rider get on a plane much quicker.

The Jet can be equipped with thruster or quad fin setups, depending on the rider’s choice. The Axon Jet is built using an EPS foam core, plus additional glass layers and a full deck bamboo layer. This construction assures a perfect strength to weight ratio and provides optimal efficiency in waves.