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Axon NYC 139 2013

Axon NYC 139 2013

Kiteboard Model: NYC 139
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Axon
Best For
Board sizes

139x43 cm


The 139 NYC is 136’s big brother. It is a board designed to take freestyle and wake park action to perfection. It has similar technical characteristics as the 136 NYC, but the bigger size makes it perfect for heavier riders or for those riders that need a bit more surface under their feet.

The bigger size also makes it perfect for riders that use boots. The board provides optimal response and reflex and has a very good pop. It is also powerful, but comfortable. It is the perfect board for the riders looking to hit sliders and kickers, boost big airs or just cruise.

The NYC 139 features a f-style outline which makes it powerful and easy to drive upwind, but also assures a faster rotation off the tail. This special slightly drawn outline also improves planing performance. At the same time, a fs deep rocker makes it very controllable and assures effortless takeoffs and smooth landings. A quad channel bottom design makes it perfect for finless action. This features also improves traction, without creating any drag or making the board slow.

The Axon NYC 139 is built using a CNC shaped Paulownia wood core, combined with Triax glass layups and ABS sidewalls. The board also features a full carbon top sheet which makes it light and adds extra reflex and response.