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Best KB4Girls 2014

Best KB4Girls 2014

Kiteboard Model: KB4Girls
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Best
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

130 x 39cm


The new 2014 Best KB4Girls is a high performance freeride and new school kiteboard designed especially for women. Every aspect, starting with the outline and stance positions to flex pattern, has been fine tuned to suit the needs of female riders. As said, the board offers unmatched freeride and freestyle performance, but it is forgiving enough to suit the girls new to the sport.

The Best KB4Girls kiteboard has been designed based on the input of participants at KB4Girls events all around the globe and it is the board of choice for Kristin Boese, the 9X Kiteboarding World Champion. She uses this board to perform some of the most stylish tricks, but also to each the girls that aspire of becoming the next kiteboarding champs.

The board features a friendly, straighter outline, which allows the rider control it with ease and experience a superior upwind and planing performance. The board glides fast and it is dynamic, yet easy to handle and keep under control. Best has crafted the board using a Lightweight Supremo Paulownia which generates a women specific flex and boosts overall control. The board offers a comfortable flex which makes the board easy to ride in demanding conditions like chop.

The narrower stance width is optimized to accommodate the girls’ feet comfortably. The fins are also specifically customized to allow girls edge and pop with ease and style. The wood core is complemented by a Pre-Preg Lay-up with Vari Flex which assures a more progressive damping and a lighter weight. The board can be used with straps or bindings, depending on the rider’s style.

You can check out Victoria Soloveykina riding the new KB4Girls board in the clip below.

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Best KB4Girls 2014 Reviewed on Apr 22nd 2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5