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BlankForce Enduro 2014

BlankForce Enduro 2014

Kiteboard Model: Enduro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: BlankForce
Best For
Board sizes

134x40 cm

137x41 cm

142x42 cm


The Enduro is a new board model introduced for the 2014 season by BlankForce. It is designed especially for wake and kite parks. It blends the best of wakestyle and wakeboarding worlds into one package. This board suits the demanding needs of aggressive riders who charge sliders and kickers, but it is also easy to use and comfortable. It provides impressive pop, grip and control.

With the new BlankForce Enduro you can hit your favorite wake and kite park as hard as you wish. This is a powerful board, designed especially for wake park ramps, kickers and sliders. It features a hybrid construction that allows it to perform great on cable or kite drives.

The Enduro features a compact outline which makes it dynamic and fast. It is stiffer in the center area and it features increased flex in the tips. This flex pattern acts as a suspension. It generates tons of pop, but also assures smooth landings and a comfortable glide. This innovative flex pattern is created by a hybrid construction. Carbon is used in the center and glass in the tip area. The stiffer center section generates the pop and the softer tip area provides optimal slide control.

A triple stage bottom area creates a flat center surface for a fast glide and better control. Deep double channels along the rails are used to provide unmatched grip. Les scoop and thinner edges are used to enhance grip and carving abilities. A Slick base assures top durability and prevents scratches. The BlankForce Enduro can be used with or without fins.