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Brunotti Pro King 2009

Brunotti Pro King 2009

Kiteboard Model: Pro King
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Brunotti
Best For
Board sizes

128 x 38 cm

133 x 40 cm


Freeride is the most popular kiteboarding style, and each season it gathers a huge number of fans. As it has grown into one of the most appreciated disciplines, the needs of the freeriding enthusiasts have evolved. The new Pro King board from Brunotti comes to meet all of their requirements. This board successfully blends speed and pop with control and usability and it is ready to take freeride to an entire new level.  The board comes in two sizes and suits all riders and wind or wave conditions.

• Exquisite Diamonds design
• Variable GSS pads and straps
• Multiple stance options
• 100% Wood core
• Improved upwind ability
• Torsion stringer

The 2009 Brunotti board lineup gathers five models. It may not seem an impressive number, but once you take a closer look at the features of any model you will be amazed. Every single board went through a serious process of research and development and it meets the highest performance and quality standards. From beginner to pro, everyone can find a Brunotti board which can suit him perfectly and allow him to perform spectacular tricks or have fun out on the waves. The 2009 Pro King is designed by Brunotti especially for freeride enthusiasts.

The board is extremely fast, it has great power and it is easy to control and totally reliable in all conditions. A great thing about this board is that it can be used in less than perfect conditions. If the wind barely blows and keeps the other riders on the beach you can pick up the Pro King and enjoy a fast ride, and if the wind gets stronger you will notice that the board is very stable and predictable.

The Brunotti Pro King features an ergonomic shape, with a rounded outline. This makes it very lively and allows the rider to experience a fast glide and top control. The board is designed using a full Wood Core combined with fiberglass layups. This construction makes it extra tough, but light at the same time, and also generates the perfect flex response. An additional Carbon Kevlar Torsion Stringer improves the board’s strength and overall performance. The ABS sidewalls make the Pro King virtually indestructible and combined with the enhanced tips, improve the edge to edge control. 

Brunotti has used a flat rocker on the Pro King, to make sure it has excellent upwind abilities and it can reach an impressive speed. A good thing about this board is that no matter how fast the rider glides or what tricks he performs, he is always in control. The board generates positive feedback at any command. The board is equipped with G10 fins which optimize the power delivery and assure extra grip in tight turns. Apart from the high performance features, the Brunotti Pro King impresses with the elegant Diamond graphic design.