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Cabrinha Custom 2011

Cabrinha Custom 2011

Kiteboard Model: Custom
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Cabrinha
Best For
Wakestyle  Freestyle
Board sizes

133 cm x 42 cm
136 cm x 42 cm
140 cm x 42.5 cm
144 cm x 43 cm


If you love kiteboarding and especially wakestyle discipline, than you will love to hear that the new Custom series of boards from Cabrihna has just arrived. The Custom boards are not just taking wakestyle as we know it to a whole new level, but they do that with attitude. The board is constructed on a new and sophisticated technology, based on high quality composites to assure excellent performance and to meet the highest quality standards.  It is quite a powerful board and excels not only at wakestyle, but at freestyle and freeride also. Take the Cabrinha Custom out for a spin and you will love how these boards perform.

• Multiple binding options
• Improved bottom design
• Multiple stance options
• ABS sidewalls
• Uni directional tip to tail
• True Twin Flex
• Extra durability
• Andre Philip signature

The 2011 Cabrinha kiteboard lineup is extensive and impressive at the same time. The boards offer top performance and are engineered to suit the needs of any rider out there. The 2011 Custom boards are designed by Cabrinha team together with pro rider and champ Andre Philip, who would settle for nothing less than performance close to perfection when it comes to wakestyle. The board features a slick, hydrodynamic shape and the refined profile allows it to feel very lively from the first second it is set on the water.

The great thing about this board is that it performs outstanding with or without fins, depending on the rider’s choice. At the same time it has several binding options and it works great with type of boots and straps. The board is powerful and packs plenty of pop it offers an intense top speed, high jumps, nice hangtime and fast turns. The rocker and rails are shaped with perfect precision and assure a fast glide as well as improved acceleration. At the same time, Cabrinha has used an innovative bottom design, based on a quad concave shape and deeper channels. This profile assures optimal power release and improves the speed, while making the board extremely stable. The rider can perform any maneuver without losing control or grip.

The board is accurate and responsive, and provides positive feedback at any command. The concave is slightly decreased in the center area, at the tips are enhanced with extra flex, so the rider can tackle any wave without effort and can enjoy smooth landings. Cabrinha has constructed the Custom on a Paulownia wood core vertically laminated plus additional glass layups reinforcements. The rails are made from high quality ABS, while the whole body is wrapped by a digital topsheet which maximizes overall durability and abrasion resistance.

This unique construction provides excellent strength to weight ratio and makes the board light and solid at the same time. The Cabrinha Custom boards are available in two sizes and a unique graphic design.

Cabrinha Custom 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Cabrinha Custom 2011 Reviewed on Mar 13th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Great board. Perfect stiffness, perfect rocker, can be used finless. Doesn't come with handle, but you won't miss it after a couple of sessions.

Cabrinha Custom 2011 Reviewed on Jan 12th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

No handle or handle screw inserts? How do I put a handle on this one?