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Cabrinha Custom 2014

Cabrinha Custom 2014

Kiteboard Model: Custom
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Cabrinha
Best For
Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

133 x 40 cm
136 x 42 cm
140 x 42.5 cm
144 x 43 cm


The 2014 Cabrinha Custom is the kiteboard that boosts your freestyle and wakestyle rides to a new level. It offers top performance, as well as a fun drive. Riding the Custom is like taking your favorite car for a spin at the track. The Custom is packed with features that make it extremely efficient and allow it to perform at outstanding levels in virtually any condition.

When you want to taste some fun wakestyle action at your local kite spot or when you feel you need to showcase your skills in world class wake competitions, the Cabrinha Custom is your best partner. It is powerful, it pops like crazy and provides you with sharp control to allow you perform the most daring tricks with ease.

The board sports a slightly lower/moderate rocker line which generates quick burst of speed and amazing flat water pop. The moderate rocker also creates impressive upwind potential and easy takeoffs and landings, but also allows you initiate easy turns in waves or flat water. The Custom has a new bottom shape profile, divided in special sections. The concaves generate optimal lift and allow the board sit higher in the water, while the channels act like long fins, allowing it to edge harder when needed.

The hex concave bottom shape also adds stability, a smooth glide and extra speed. Due to this special base shape, the Custom can be used with or without fins. A great thing about the Custom is that it excels in chop. It offers a smooth ride, without spray to the face or unwanted bumps. The board is engineered using a vertically laminated Wood core, tri glass laminate layers and an Ultrabond PU Rail. This structure makes the board extremely durable, but also reactive and precise.

Cabrinha Custom 2014 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Cabrinha Custom 2014 Reviewed on Apr 10th 2014
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The Custom has huge pop. It blasts big jumps and lands flat. But it's also smooth and comfortable. A perfect combination. It also runs upwind smooth and carves quickly. Stability and grip are also way above average. The board works well with str...more

Cabrinha Custom 2014 Reviewed on Feb 25th 2014
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

I like it more than the Xcaliber Signature. It has a smoother flex that makes it easier to ride in chop. The lower rocker is similar to the Xcaliber Signature and allows for a nice speed and a lively feel. It also makes the board drive easier upwind...more