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Cabrinha Prodigy 2009

Cabrinha Prodigy 2009

Kiteboard Model: Prodigy
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Cabrinha
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Board sizes

148 x 43 cm

158 x 44 cm


Kiteboarding is a very popular extreme sport and it gathers a huge number of fans each season. The most popular kiteboarding discipline is freeride and all riders, regardless of their particular style and skill level love a great freeride session. Cabrinha team knows that very well and it has crafted the perfect all round freeride board. It is called Prodigy and is blends power and speed with user friendly features and top control. It feels dynamic and lively out on the water and it gives you the confidence to perform new and daring tricks. It can be used by beginner and advanced riders alike and it is reliable in most wind and wave conditions.

Nothing can compare with the freedom and relaxation feeling a nice freeride session can create. But to experience this feeling, or to feel the adrenaline pumping faster you need the proper board. A board which can allow you to perform spectacular moves when needed and which can run smooth when you need to relax and take a breath. The perfect choice for all your freeride needs is the new 2009 Cabrinha Prodigy, a board which generates extra pop and power when needed and which can also offer you a nice recreational cruise.

From beginner to advanced, anyone can use this board and have tons of fun out on the waves. The board performs outstanding at freeride, but it can also be used for other styles, so it really is a great all round performer. The full and wider outline assures a fast and smooth glide and increases the board’s stability in all conditions. The new rocker line provides excellent planning and upwind performance and increases the acceleration and top speed. The rider can perform spectacular tricks or ride at high speeds while the board gives him absolute control. The flat bottom improves control and assures excellent stability in all wind and wave conditions.

The board is enhanced to absorb any vibration and shocks from the wave impacts to assure a smooth ride. The bottom design allows the rider to take maximum advantage of the water flow and generates extra power when it is needed. The board offers high jumps and lifts, but also very smooth landings. Extra comfort is provided by the Sync Backless Binding which also increases the overall performance. The rider’s feet are optimally bounded to the deck, and the rider receives positive feedback at any command.

The Cabrinha Prodigy is engineered using a Paulownia wood core which provides an excellent flex pattern. This structure also makes the board extremely durable and light. The Prodigy is available in two sizes and comes complete with binding system, mounting hardware, fins and grab handle.