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Cabrinha Rival 2011

Cabrinha Rival 2011

Kiteboard Model: Rival
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Cabrinha
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Board sizes

133 cm x 41 cm
135 cm x 42 cm
145 cm x 43 cm


Cabrinha is not only one of the most famous kiteboard gear manufacturers today, but also one of the most acclaimed ones. Their team is completely dedicated to offer top performance to any rider out there and makes no compromise when it creates a new piece of equipment. The 2011 Rival is the type of board which offers all round freeride performance for any rider, regardless of skill level. It is engineered in such a unique way that it combines user friendly features with extra power and speed potential. And, besides that it is a very affordable board. If you love kiteboarding and especially freeride, than you must know that the Rival will provide you with excellent performance at a decent price. You will like this board from the first moment you set foot on it and you will never want to part from it again.

• Paulownia Wood core
• Multiple stance options
• Various straps compatibility
• ABS rails
• Stainless steel inserts
• Enhanced True Twin Flex

The 2011 Cabrinha Rival is crafted using the latest technology and the fines materials. Although it meets the requirements of all riders out there and the highest quality standards it is quite an affordable board. The design of the Rivals is focused on usability and efficiency. The beginner and intermediate riders will love the stability and easy maneuverability it offers, while extreme and advanced ones can enjoy extra power and pop for hardcore sessions.

The board features a hydrodynamic shape and slightly wider tips for a smooth and fast glide. At the same time, the rider can cut through any wave without effort and totally safe. Cabrinha has enhanced the Rival with excellent upwind, early planning and acceleration abilities, so it performs outstanding at freeride, but can be used without problems by freestyle enthusiasts. It will jump pretty high, turn fast, run at a nice speed and offer smooth landings in most wind or wave conditions. A fast, but smooth rocker assures good acceleration as well as extra upwind performance.

The board is very agile and the new ABS rails assure that the rider is permanently in total control. He can perform any trick safe and easy, while the board is reliable and responsive. Cabrinha has used a flat bottom for the Rival, to make sure it has a nice and smooth power release as well as extra stability and grip. The board can be used with virtually any type of straps, from freeride to wakeboard bindings and offers multiple stance options for a very comfortable ride.

The technology used by Cabrinha in the development of the Rival is based on a vertical laminated and CNC shaped Paulownia wood core which assures a light and durable structure as well as improved flex. This core is complemented by biaxial fiberglass laminate layups and hardglass reinforcements in stress areas. The board is covered in a UV and abrasion resistant top and bottom sheet for a longer life cycle.

Fast, responsive, light and easy to use, the Cabrinha Rival is a great all round entry level freeride board and, as the manufacturer recommends, it offers top performance when it is used with the Convert IDS kite.