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Cabrinha Signature 2012

Cabrinha Signature 2012

Kiteboard Model: Signature
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Cabrinha
Best For
Board sizes

5’10” x 18 3/4” x 2


The 2012 directional kiteboard line introduced by Cabrinha redefines the term performance. Each model is crafted according to the highest quality standards and delivers maximum efficiency and reliability. The Pete Cabrinha Signature board is one of a kind. It has no straps and it can be used both as a classic surfboard and as a waveriding kiteboard. It is powerful and fast and has an amazing control in all wave conditions.

• Quad fin configuration
• Alutex rails
• EVA traction pads
• Progressive flex fins
• PU and Wood core

The new 2012 Pete Cabrinha Signature kiteboard is a true masterpiece. It is engineered using the latest technology and the best composites and it offers an unmatched performance. The board has a dual purpose: it can be used as a regular surfboard as well as a kiteboard. The strapless design and hydrodynamic profile make it perfect for both surfing and kitesurfing.

So if you ever get bored of flying the kite around or you are in the mood to experience a nice old fashion surfing session you can do that without problems. The board is crafted using PU and Wood core and Alutex rails. This construction is eco friendly and makes the board light and virtually indestructible. At the same time it optimizes the tensile strength and makes it very responsive.

The board is quite powerful, it reaches an impressive speed and it is great for big air. At the same time it offers fast bottom turns as well as a flawless control. The EVA traction pad improves the back foot control and makes the ride very comfortable. Using the Cabrinha Signature, the rider can perform absolutely any trick he can think of without effort. The board performs outstanding in all conditions and it feels steady and fast.

The board uses a quad fin configuration based on progressive flex fins. This setup provides optimal power delivery, reduces the drag and increases the grip at high speeds or in tight turns. Ride the Cabrinha Signature as a classic surfboard or as a true blood kiteboard and you will be amazed by the outstanding performance it offers.