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Cardboards FR 2011

Cardboards FR 2011

Kiteboard Model: FR
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Cardboards
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Board sizes

128 x 38 cm
131 x 40 cm
136 x 41 cm
141 x 42 cm


The FR is Cardboards’ premier freeride board. It went through an extensive process of research and development and serious testing before being released on the market. The board is crafted according to the highest performance and quality standards and it can be mastered by intermediate and advanced riders without problems. The board packs plenty of pop and power, it is accurate and has an unmatched control. The board is light, durable and comes with a three years warranty. The Cardboards FR is ready to offer you a great freeride session whenever you wish.

Although Cardboards is a relatively new player on the kiteboarding map, it is dedicated to craft high performance boards, intended to improve the riding experience of all kiteboarders out there. Freeride is the most popular kiteboarding discipline and Cardboards has come up with the perfect solution for all intermediate and advanced freeride enthusiasts out there: the FR.

FR is short for Freeride and it is the name of a powerful and reliable board. The Cardboards FR has a hydrodynamic profile, featuring a fuller outline and slightly rounded tips. It can tackle any wave without problems and runs great in a wide range of wind conditions. Cardboards has engineered the FR using a Paulownia Wood core combined with triaxial laminate and unidirectional Carbon layups. This structure makes the board light and very durable. The full Wood core makes the FR very responsive and provides the perfect freeride flex pattern The Carbon layups significantly improve the flex control.

The board packs plenty of pop and it is quite powerful, but easy to handle and comfortable to ride at the same time. The rider can perform technical moves or enjoy a relaxing cruise without problems. The FR uses a special quad concave bottom design which adds a plus of control and makes it very reactive. At the same time it maximizes the stability and improves the power release. Cardboards has used a special anti shock system when it has designed the board, to make sure it has smooth landings and it suppresses wave impacts.

The board is also very comfortable. The Velcro footstraps are easy to adjust and provide an optimal bond between feet and deck. The rider can choose the suited stance position according to his skills and style. If you are an intermediate or advanced rider and you love freeride, than the Cardboards FR is the board which can take care of all your needs. It has a very elegant graphic design and it is available in four different sizes.

Cardboards FR 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Cardboards FR 2011 Reviewed on Mar 14th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

I like that Cardboards let you customize your board. You can choose the graphics, flex and so on. I did that with the Freeride. Now I can say that I own a board custom made for myself. The FR is very good. it has good pop and blasts upwind witho...more