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Cardboards Pro 2011

Cardboards Pro 2011

Kiteboard Model: Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Cardboards
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Board sizes

136 x 41 cm

139 x 42.5 cm


Freestyle is one of the most spectacular and popular kiteboarding disciplines. It demands talent, determination and, of course, proper gear. If you already have a good freestyle kite, than you need a good freestyle board to complement it. One of the most versatile freestyle boards today is the Cardboards Pro. The board has an optimized flex pattern, it packs plenty of pop, it is fast and reliable. It is built using the latest technology and intended to redefine the way in which dedicated freestylers ride.

• Paulownia Wood Core
• Nomex Honeycomb Sections
• Optimized Freestyle Specific Flex
• Wide Outline
• Adjustable Footstraps

If you are a competitive freestyler, than you already know that an efficient board can win you world class competitions and help you perform the most amazing tricks. Cardboards has crafted the Pro board especially for riders looking for the ultimate performance. Just as the name states, the board is intended for pro riders looking to achieve perfection out on the waves. The board is powerful and it has an explosive pop, but at the same time it is reliable and has an unmatched control. The board is constructed using a competitive technology which assures top quality and performance.

The board is crafted using a Paulownia Wood Core combined with Nomex Honeycomb sections and triaxial laminate reinforcements. The full wood core provides the perfect freestyle flex pattern and assures a light weight, while the triaxial laminate reinforcements assure a bomb proof structure. The board has a wider outline which improves speed and acceleration and allows the rider to run fast even in light winds.

The double concave bottom design improves overall stability and maximizes the upwind performance of the board. This feature allows the rider to take maximum advantage of the water flow run as fast as he wishes. A new rocker improves the power delivery and planning potential of the Pro. The Cardboards Pro has an explosive pop and it is very dynamic. It is the perfect tool for the advanced and experienced rider who likes to perform power moves and rides in competitions.

Although it is powerful and fast, the Pro is also very responsive and comfortable. It provides positive feedback at any command and it feels reliable under your feet. The board is equipped with adjustable Velcro footsraps which add extra comfort. The Cardboards Pro is available in two sizes and comes complete with fins, straps and pads.