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Carved Imperator V Wood X-Carbon Custom 2013

Carved Imperator V Wood X-Carbon Custom 2013

Kiteboard Model: Imperator V Wood X-Carbon Custom
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Carved
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

128 x 39 cm

130 x 40 cm

132 x 41 cm

134 x 42 cm

136 x 43 cm


The Imperator is Carved’s best selling twin tip. As the guys at Carved state, this board can open a new world for all freestyle enthusiasts. And it is indeed one of the few explosive freestyle boards that manage to blend performance with comfort. It is a board that can handle world class competitions, but can also help you progress fast and easy.

With the Imperator V Wood X-Carbon Custom you can experience a new world of freestyle. It is a board that blends power with control and explosive pop with comfort. The board features a compact shape with slightly squared tips. This shape is optimized to deliver accurate control in strong winds, chop and any other demanding conditions.

It is also enhanced to deliver very good early planing and upwind performance. The board uses special 3D rails, with a rounded middle section. This rail profile allows you hold the rail without effort, even at high speeds and also makes the ride more comfortable. It also allows you load and take off much easier.

The Imperator V Wood X-Carbon Custom features elliptical flex tips, a new tip concept that enhances pop and comfort during the ride. The elliptical cut of the tips increases flex and decreases weight. Outside by the fins the rail is turned a little harder to provide explosive pop and the center of the tip is a little softer in order to ensure a smooth ride at all times. Sharp Razor fins keep the board on track and ensure superior grip and agility.

The Carved Imperator V Wood X-Carbon Custom is built using a carbon structure with an X appearance, infused into natural wood with high technology carbon fiber plus fiberglass rails. This structure provides the optimal balance between pop, flex and torsion.