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Carved PXT 4 X-Carbon Custom 2013

Carved PXT 4 X-Carbon Custom 2013

Kiteboard Model: PXT 4 X-Carbon Custom
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Carved
Best For
Board sizes

127 x 38 cm

131 x 39 cm

134 x 40 cm

139 x 42 cm


The PXT 4 is a board that makes kiteboarding accessible to any rider. It packs comfort and optimal power into a user friendly package. It is a board that accommodates to your riding style and allows you learn new tricks and progress fast. A great thing about the PXT 4 X-Carbon Custom is that it runs great in a wide range of conditions.

With the Carved PXT 4 X-Carbon Custom you can take your ride to the next level. It is a user friendly board, perfect for casual riders that want to enjoy a smooth cruise, but it packs enough energy for the riders that want to progress and try new tricks. It features a slightly wider and rounder profile in the hip area and squared tips.

This outline assures superior upwind and early planing performance and also enhances its light wind potential. The rounder rail profile allows you hold the rail without effort and run at higher speeds. The rounded middle rails that taper towards sharper edges also assure optimal control in every situation.

The slightly reduced rocker assures good acceleration and better upwind performance and makes the board more playful. The Carved PXT 4 X-Carbon Custom is equipped with sharp Razor fins that assure excellent grip and agility and allow you stay on track with ease at high speeds.

The board is constructed using a Unibody structure, based on Carbon layer with X appearance infused into natural wood with high technology carbon fiber and robust fiberglass layers. This structure assures optimal flex for a comfortable ride, perfect rebound and prevents unwanted torsion.