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Carved Tantrum Wood Custom 2013

Carved Tantrum Wood Custom 2013

Kiteboard Model: Tantrum Wood Custom
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Carved
Best For
Lightwind  Wakestyle
Board sizes

130 x 40 cm

132 x 42 cm

134 x 44 cm

136 x 46 cm


With the new Carved Tantrum Wood Custom you can hit sliders and kickers all day long without hassle. This is a high performance wakestyle board, built to handle anything you can throw at it. One of the features that make the Tantrum a unique board is its potential to deliver plenty of speed and power in light winds. It is one of the few wakestyle kiteboards that excel in marginal winds.

Blending lightwind and wakestyle performance into the same package in no easy task, but the guys at Carved did it. They created a board that moves quickly and it is easy to power up when the wind barely blows, yet it is able to deliver huge pop and control. And that board is the Tantrum.

The Tantrum features a narrow and sharper rail edge and a parallel outline which provide impressive early planing performance. Just like a wakeboard, the Tantrum can be ridden much higher and with a parked kite and pops like crazy. Jumping is not extremely high, but take offs are almost instant. The Tantrum Wood Custom uses elliptical flex tips.

The elliptical cut of the tips increases flex and reduces weight, but also provides an explosive pop. The rail is turned a little harder outside by the fins to provide explosive pop at take-off and the center of the tip is a little softer assure a smooth ride in chop and make landings softer. The tips are also wider for more surface area in the water.

An active rocker is used to ensure perfect control plus good upwind abilities and a faster acceleration and speed. The Carved Tantrum Wood Custom is built using a 100% wood core plus a clear laminate and fiberglass layers.