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Caution Trespass 2009

Caution Trespass 2009

Kiteboard Model: Trespass
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Caution
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The 2009 kiteboard lineup introduced by Caution gathers three models: the Trespass, Hustler and Redline. It may not seem a very extensive collection of models, but each board is carefully crafted and enhanced to meet the specific riding styles of all kiteboarding fans out there. The 2009 Trespass is the perfect choice for the rider who loves the feeling of a surf style board. It blends power and speed with top control and it performs outstanding in a multitude of conditions.

• Toned down rocker
• Single to double concave
• Polyester structure
• Multiple strap positions
• Caution traction pads

The Caution Trespass went through a serious process of research and development as well as extensive testing before being released on the market. The Caution team has used the latest technology and the best fabric when it has crafted this board to make sure it will meet the highest quality and performance standards.

The board is an excellent choice for dedicated wave riders, and at the same time is it perfectly suited for the rider who wants to make the transition from twin tip boards to directional ones. It is a forgiving board and easy to handle, but it packs the power and pop a more aggressive rider demands for extreme moves. The fuller outline, featuring a narrower, slightly rounded outline makes the Trespass fell very lively out on the waves. At the same time it balances the longitudinal stability and allows the rider to tackle any wave. A great thing about the Caution Trespass is that it can be used with or without straps, depending on the rider’s skill and style. 

The board packs extra volume and has a wider profile, so it can support a heavier rider and can perform outstanding in light wind conditions. The extra volume also compensates the lack of kite traction power or helps the rider pull off nice tricks with a smaller sized kite. It features a single to double concave hull which allows it to generate the perfect amount of power and improves steering response. The board reaches an impressive speed and has awesome bottom turns, but it is stable the entire time and never loses grip. The Trespass is equipped with three Future fins which optimize the power delivery and provide extra grip at high speeds or in fast turns. It has several stance options, so the rider can choose the best suited one, according to his needs.

The board is engineered using a polyester structure which makes it virtually indestructible, but very light at the same time. This structure also provides the perfect amount of stiffness needed for a great wave riding session. Even if it resembles to a surf board, the Caution Trespass is a true blood kiteboard and it is ready to take wave riding to a new level.