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Caution Trespass 5’10’’ 2013

Caution Trespass 5’10’’ 2013

Kiteboard Model: Trespass 5'10''
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Caution
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The new Caution Trespass 5’10’’ 2013 is the perfect board for riders looking to rip the waves in lighter wind conditions and charging medium to big waves. It is also a perfect board for heavier riders that want to have fun ripping the waves.

The Trespass 5’10’’ features a similar design as the Trespass 5’5’’, but it packs some extra volume and has enhanced floatability. The extra volume assures better upwind performance and provides extra stability. Although it has a larger profile, the Trespass 5’10’’ is pretty snappy and moves quickly at all times.

A narrower squash tail allows riders sink the tail for greater control over the board while on the wave. A single to double concave hull shape assures optimal control and a fast speed. It also makes the board loose and steady. The rails are shaped progressively. The soft mid section gives the board some glide through the bottom turn, and the harder edge through the tail gives our riders control when they snap more aggressive turns off the bottom or top.

The Caution team has crafted the Trespass 5’10’’ using a PU technology which makes the board light, durable and responsive. The board comes with full deck pads designed to offer comfort and control and adjustable directional straps.